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More to the Supergirl Tv Series Cast as CBS Introduces Lucy Lane In The Series

Supergirl the Tv Series is definitely gearing up for an extremely amazing run as news just came in about the Supergirl cast. During the San Diego Comic Con held this month, the report came up as the Supergirl panel which bought the makers and some of the stars together broke the news about an additional cast to take place in the upcoming television series the Supergirl, where Lucy lane sister of Lois lane will be introduced to the show in the very initial part of the series and possibly would see her in the third episode and is said make her very first presence in the show as Jimmy Olson’s ex-girlfriend and also bring a real exciting turn to the show adding a lot more thrill to take place due to her characters.

Supergirl Season 1 Episode’s – Watch Online

Supergirl Tv Series Cast

Also a of discussion took place and lots of report came in from different news blogs that Lucy Lane’s Character is of those who belonged to the species of Superman and some more which are introduced in the actual comics to the storyline and if the show follows the plotline of the Comics than it is fortunate that the we would surely see Lucy lane to reappear later as “Superwomen” and a part of her which would be challenging to the character of Kara means Supergirl. But it is Lucy’s Character which is not very clear to the people as for what she would be like but certainly there are chances that she would appear to be as good in the initial parts but as the story moves a head would bring complication which might bring Supergirl to some action.

Supergirl Tv Series Lucy Lane

The actress to play the role of Lucy has not been disclosed and that she would straight be revealed during its show run in the month of October when the show begins and where we’ll get to known of what odds she is destined to play either the good one or the evil one  and apart from that another fun twist that we could observe is of that Love triangle between Lucy, Kara and Jimmy as Kara from the very start is very attracted towards Jimmy and her coming in would bring some fun moment to the show.

Supergirl Additional Cast

For those who have seen the pilot episode would till now have understood of what the characters are and Kara is not the only one who is the Kryptonian but the villain showed in the end is one from their race and as the story moves ahead they shall be introduced and set kara on her Super heroic journey fighting all of them to defend the humanity, Supergirl the show goes on air and is scheduled to premier on 26 October, 2015 only on CBS Networks.

Supergirl Season 1 Episode’s – Watch Online

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